Columbia River Basin

The picturesque farms of the Columbia River Basin in Washington and Oregon stretch as far as you can see, hard at work growing some of the highest quality potatoes in the world. Ancient Missoula floods left behind nice sandy-loam soil, and the nearby Columbia River delivers steady irrigation. Combined with long, sun-filled days and cool nights, this region is ideal for growing the perfect potato.

Scroll down to meet the farmers behind your fries.

Orman, Nick and Gavin Johnson

Our father started farming here over 100 years ago. Keeping the land healthy has been our family’s goal from the beginning. Sure, the days are long, but 75-hour workweeks aren’t bad when you’ve got your family by your side.

Ted Tschirky

I started farming potatoes when I was 16, over 35 years ago. I take pride in the steps I take to conserve resources, while growing a wholesome, nutritious crop. Farming is my passion. I can’t imagine doing anything else.